Thursday, February 28, 2013

029 - Free level 40 character on the testserver !!

Drakensang Online Testserver
The Testserver
1/3/2013 17:30  Update from the English Forum

Due to massive technical difficulties during the sync process on the test server, it is not possible to adjust the server settings in time for the event (it will not happen over this weekend as planned)

so it seems that those who missed the boat this time will get a second chance next week !!

This weekend ( 01/03/2013 - 04/03/2013) there will be test matches on the testserver to see if the new PvP system, called "guerrilla groups", works.  The announcement can be found in this post on the English forum.  The new PvP systeem will probably be launched in R093, you can read more info in this post.

Get a level 40 character for free !! 

Everyone who has an account registered until 16:30 01/03/2013 will receive a brand new level 40 character in order to participate in the test.

Get 20.000 andermant for free !!

-> Every player who is logged in at 17:00 pm on the 1.3.2013 will receive 10.000 Andermant on his account on the testserver.
-> Every player who played at least 3 matches with his team over the weekend will receive additional 10.000 Andermant next week on his account on the testserver.

Chance of a free ride

This could be a good opportunity for those who haven't reached level 40 yet to see what is out there.  The free Andermant could be nice to test some things you would like to buy.  I for instance will buy for 20.000 Andermant surprise chests and report the results here.


Of cours this is a TESTserver.  Things can and will probably be different than on the real server.  It is also well possible that your character is taken away again after the test (although not sure).  But for those who want to explore the whole Drakensang World and doesn't reached level 40 yet or are completely new, this is a golden opportunity.

You can sign up for an account at the testserver by the following link : TESTSERVER

To create an account at a normal server, click on the banner below.

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  3. it wont open test server give me the real adress or give the where i download real client for teset server