Monday, February 18, 2013

023 - New event on it's way

Next new event will be a boss killing event
This post on the English forum mentions a new event running on the testserver. It's a boss killing event like the thanksgiving event we had last year in November.  My guess is that it will be launched this weekend.

I have a small character on the testserver and made some screenshots of the rewards.

Rewards of the next event

In total there are 450 drakens to be won.  But the other rewards are also worth fighting for :
Jewel of Immunity : + 15 max dmg & +30 critical hit value
Dark Heart fragment 1 : It seems you will need to craft the Dark Heart armor.  This is piece 1 of 4.
Bow : disables movement and skills for 3s ... also in PvP !!  seems a must have.

Because my test character is only level 2, I couldn't see the quests of this event.  Maybe someone can make some screenshots and send them to me.  I heard you need to kill all bosses in normal or hard mode.  But I'm not sure about this.

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