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014 - Droprates while farming

In my previous post, 013 - Beginners Guide : Tip 4 - Learn to farm, I explained why farming is important, especially for a F2P player, (to get ingame items without paying) and how to do such farming in Drankensang Online

When you take regularly notes of the drops while farming, you'll notice that the droprate is not the same in each dungeon.   In this post I want to show some statistics of several dungeons which I usually farm myself.

Droprate at wildherz cave - drakensang Online
Droprates at Wildherz Cave

Droprate at hailstone mountains - drakensang Online
Droprates at Hailstone Mountains

Droprate at temple sector - drakensang Online
Droprates at Temple Sector

Droprate Q5 - drakensang Online
Droprates in Q5

Above you see the droprates of several dungeon and Ammons Quest 5.  The most important line is the avg / hour number.  How many items can one farm in 1 hour ?

Wildherz Cave

As you see, Wildherz Cave is the best to farm in general.  It gives the highest number for CoT (Crystals of Truth), andermant and gemstones.  Sweeping time is just over 15 minutes (from town to town).  But keep in mind a dungeon has a reset time.  If you farm only Wildherz Cave you can only farm it around 3 times an hour.

Hailstone Mountains

Hailstone Mountains is the best for farming Gold (almost 4 gold per hour) while the other stats are still decent.  The high amount of gold farmed comes partly from the 3 quests you can easily do while farming.  The first 2 can be done in 1 run and are also good to do your daily quest quickly.

The 3 quest are :
  1. Gnome Mining @ Torild -> 7 silver 83 copper
  2. Soul Saving with Axe @ Sverre -> 16 silver
  3. Din of Trolls @ Rikke -> 9 silver 53 copper

3 Quest at Hailstone Mountains

Temple Sector 
The Last dungeon I often farm is the Temple Sector.  Droprates at the Tempe Sector are certainly lower than in the other 2 dungeons, only Ancient Scrolls of Wisdom do drop here more frequently (because scrolls only drop from worthy monsters).  Yet at farming 10 scrolls per hour, this isn't a real alternative for the daily quest which gives 250 scrolls. 

Besides the lower droprates, sweeping time is, with a little over 30 minutes, also a bit long.  Still I continue the farm the Tempe Sector because of the chance of getting a unique drop.   At the German wiki page, someone wrote the he found Keens Steps in the Temple Sector.  I think this is the only place where you can farm solo for a unique item when you're level 40.

Note that the high amount of gold farmed at Temple Sector also comes from 3 quests.    
  1. Caught in the Snare @  J'Ulda -> 37 silver 66 copper
  2. Jitterjelly Invasion @ B/Elbial -> 31 silver 71 copper
  3. Zorlobb Hunt @ B'Ala -> 59 silber 32 copper

3 Quest at Temple Sector

Ammons Quest 5
Finally a word about Ammons Quest 5.  Normally droprates  at Ammons Quests haven't been that good.  But Q5 looks to be an exception.  Q5 seems a good compromise between farming for CoT, andermant and the like and still having a chance for a unique to drop.

 Underneath a map of all the dungeon I spoke about.

Dungeons to farm

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