Sunday, February 17, 2013

022 - Patch 089 gives me a headache

Who's dizzy now ??

Patch 089 wasn't exactly good for dragon knights, yet that they broke us down to the bottom isn't personally my greatest concern.  With over 7000 lifepoints, I still can play parallel worlds and most bosses.

But the introduction of a little shake in the dragon knights base weapons, rageful swing and angry strike, gives me a lot more headaches, literally.  I get dizzy looking at a screen which constantly moves a little. I get the least headache when I play in a small screen, but even then I have to 'cooldown' after 30 minutes.  Playing fullscreen is out of the question for the moment.

The little shake was already in the game before but only for the smash and groundbreaker.  That made sense to me.  Now it's also in for the rageful swing and the angry strike.  I don't know what the developer thought when he introduced this.  But does he really think it's funny to look at a screen that constantly moves ?  Whether you get a headache from it or not, I don't see the value of introducing the shake to almost every weapon.

I made a video of it.  A run in Q5.  It's most obvious after 1 minute during the second attack.  Just look at the pillar and/or the lights hanging from the ceiling.

I brought this up on the English forum but no response.  Opened a ticket with support, no response yet.  Until yesterday, someone did reply to a post of mine saying he had the same problem.  So I'm not alone anymore.

If you have the same problem, you may drop a note.  But make sure you open a support ticket.  We can only hope to reverse this if enough people complain about it.

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