Sunday, February 3, 2013

016 - Beat Valordragon

This one I want to share.  After an evening playing Q5 with some Orkus friends, 3 of us (Argon65, Bierfritze and me) decided to play 3v3 in the arena.

We grouped, entered and ... ... got slaughtered on the spot.  Surprised, I quickly looked who our opponents where and to my surprise it was a group with Valordragon, n°1 on the all time listings.

I quickly changed to blue and start playing more concentrated.  Argon65 was doing very well, Bierfritze and me had to look out not to be killed too much.  The stats show that we had a hard time.  We tried to slow down Valordragon and his team as much as possible with earthshakers and iron brows.  When we saw the chance we grouped with 3 to make a kill.

I was close but in the end we won !!  Unbelievable.  We went in just for fun, got beaten the first minute but fought back and won.  Great feeling.  Tnx Argon65 and Bierfritze.

beat Valordragon

What the stats also show is that you don't have to make to most damage to win.  We did roughly 200.000 damage while our opponents made almost 300.000 damage.  That 50% more than we did.  Yet we killed them 4 times more.  So playing style definitely contributes to the outcome of a match.

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