Sunday, February 24, 2013

026 - Cloaks part 1 : Introduction

Drakensang online cloak of power

It took me a while to gather enough 'Scolls of Wisdom' to unlock the talent 'Cloak of Power" in the knowledge tree.  But finally I did it.  This gave me the opportunity to wear a cape like cloaks are often called.

Talent Tree - Cloak of Power unlocked
Talent Tree - Cloak of Power unlocked

In the next posts I would like to go through the steps of obtaining the different cloaks because not much detailed information is available on the Internet.

Drakensang Online Different Cloaks or Capes
The Different Cloaks

In total there are 8 cloaks.  3 of them, cloak of luck, cloak of courage and cloak of might, can be bought with andermant.  For the other 5 you must do a quest for each and buy a contract ranging from 10 silver up to 1000 gold.  You also must play the quest of the 'free cloaks' in order.  You have to do the quest for the cloak of Initiation first, then the quest for the cloak of Insight and so on.

Underneath an overview of the statistics of the different cloaks

Drakensang Online Statistics Cloaks Capes
Statistics of the different cloaks

Next post will be an review of the Cloak of Initiation.

edit : for an overview of the English forum, click here.

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