Saturday, February 2, 2013

015 - PvP rebalancing

Many players hated the players using red essence in the arena.  They've asked Bigpoint multiple times for a rebalancing of skills of the several classes.  Well it looks like they are getting what they've asked for ... ... or not ??

Bigpoint took their job serious, very serious.  It looks like they are not balancing the PvP battle alone, but the whole concept of the game.  The skills of every class are being changes drastically.

I've made a few images to get a good inside in what will change.  It's to early for me to draw conclusions yet.  But I share the images anyway.

Note that these changes are not implemented yet.  It's also possible that there are faults in the translations because I took the changes from the German forum.

Note that the changes listed only apply to dragonknights.  I'm not familiar with the changes for the other classes.

Changes in general skills :

Changes in general DK skills

Changes in the Experience Tree :

Drakensang Online - Experience Tree
Changes in DK Experience Tree

Changes in the Fame Tree :

Drakensang Online - Fame Tree
Changes in DK Fame Tree

Hope this all works out fine ...

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