Wednesday, February 13, 2013

020 - Valentine drops ?

 Drakensang online heavenly muffins

Since yesterday evening players report unusual drops of a potion called 'heavenly muffins' and a dye 'rose red'.

I ran both Hailstone Mountains and the Temple Sector.  Got nothing in Hailstone Mountains.  But in the Temple Sector I got 4 heavenly muffins and one 'rose red' colour.  Because I had nothing at Hailstone Mountains, I think you get these drops only from worthy monsters.

Rose red is just a color, so nothing special.  But the heavenly muffins give you +15% lifepoints for 5 minutes.  For me this is +1100 lifepoints, not bad.  Seems ideal for a boss run or in the arena.

On the forums they said this potion is from the Valentines event of last year.  So it looks like we have some sort of mini-event.  I don't know if these drops last longer then today.  In the worst case they only drops today. Therefor I will certainly farm the Temple Sector today to gather some of these potions.

edit 15/02/13 13:00 cet : It seems the valentine drops have stopped.  This morning at 06:00 I still had a drop in the Temple Sector.  But I just finished another farming round and no drop at all.

Underneath some screenshot so you know what to look for.

Drakensang Online Heavenly muffins event valentine
a drop of 'heavenly muffins'

Drakensang Online Heavenly muffins event valentine
heavenly muffins : +15% lifepoints for 5 minutes

Drakensang Online rosered valentine event
a drop of rose red

Drakensang Online rosered valentine event
Rose red in the inventory

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