Sunday, March 31, 2013

040 - Terrifying Shadows event - map 2

map 2 with all the bosses

First of all, making videos isn't my best skill :)  So be gentle :)

Underneath I will describe or show how to kill the bosses of map 2 of the Terrifying Shadows event.

Devestating Swamp

Nothing special here.  Kill first the little mobs, then circle around the boss and hit when you can.  When he dies, he spawns 5 new mobs, nothing hard.  Just warming up.

Devestating Swamp

Bahadur the Immortal

Similar to Devestating Swamp.  The only difference is that he resurrects 2 times.  You need to kill him 3 times in a row.
Bahadur the Immortal


Next boss is Dragan.  Many find him impossible but to be honest, as a dragon knight I don't find him that hard.  In fact I just overpower him with red essence and war banner + smash.  Takes only 30 strokes (100 red essence) and 1 health potion.

Treshold Guardian and Tortured Soul

Again these bosses aren't that hard.  Just don't play to quickly, kill the little ones first and then take your time.  Be aware, the Treshold Guardian explodes when dying.

Neferati Guardian of Wisdom

The 5th boss can be a little difficult solo.  His first hit stuns you and the second one is devestating (sometimes up to 6000 hitpoints).  In fact I find this the most difficult boss.  I often struggle to get started.  Just like in the video underneath.  The start is dramatic but I pull myself out.  The trick here is to keep running, never stand to long in one place.


Finally we come to the main boss.  This boss resurrects one time, so in fact you need to kill him twice.

First Sargon :
Actually the most difficult one.  Take the light essence with the most damage (red or blue).  Kill the healers as soon as possible, you will need to take some risks here.  For Sargon, you can circle around him and attack him from behind.

The video underneath begins when the first Sargon is almost dead.

Second Sargon :
The second Sargon is weird.  In the beginning the still spawns healers, again kill them asap.  He also spawns skeletons, DO NOT attack them.  When 5 or 6 skeletons are active, Sargon will stay in one place and won't attack anymore.  Then it's just a matter of pulling the skeletons away from Sargon, rush to Sargon and attack him until the skeletons  catch up to you.  Then you have to pull them back again and so on.

Hopefully this helps some who have troubles killing those bosses.  Have fun !

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