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033 - Cloaks part 5 : Cloak of Enlightenment

Drakensang Online Cloak of Enlightenment
Cloak of Enlightenment

Part 5 of this series ... the Cloak of Enlightenment.  Let me first show the overview of all cloaks again :

Overview of statistics of all cloaks

The Cloak of Enlightenment adds roughly 100 armor to the Cloak of Wisdom.  Like you can see in the table the statistics of this cloak are very close to those of the Cloak of Might which can be bought for 12.800 andermant.

Quest for the Cloak of Enlightenment
Quest for the Cloak of Enlightenment

The Quest for the Cloak of Enlightenment brings us to 2 dungeons, Suvius Vulcano and the Temple Sector, and one open area, Heart of Atlantis.  This quest can be though because the droprates aren't that great.  Therefor it's handy to use some tactics.  But let us first look at our opponents:

Gorgon Warrior at the Heart of Atlantis
Gorgon Warrior at the Heart of Atlantis
'Swordsmen' at Suvius Vulcano - part 1
'Swordsmen' at Suvius Vulcano - part 1
'Swordsmen' at Suvius Vulcano - part2
Zorlobb Lookout at Temple Sector
Zorlobb Lookout at Temple Sector

The images above show the different mobs to be killed.  The Gorgon Warriors and the Zorlobb Lookouts are well known I think.  The 'Swordsmen' in Suvius Vulcano are wrongly labelled however.  You won't get a fragment drop from the real swordsmen of the Suvius Vulcano.  Instead you need to lookout for 'Phalanx of the Imperial Lancers' and 'Resurrected Imperial Lancers', anything sith a spear will do.  The first can be found at the east side of the Vulcano, the latter on the northwest side.  The image underneath show their living grounds.

Map of Suvius Vulcano
Map of Suvius Vulcano

As I said before, this quest take a while because of low droprates.  For a while I was even wondering if I was killing the correct monsters at the Heart of Atlantis because I got no fragment drop after 30 minutes of playing.  But after a while a Gorgon Warrior did drop his Cloth of Eternity.  An other example : I was lucky to get 5 drops in 1 run in Suvius Vulcano.  Many times I had only 2 or 3 fragments.  When you need 75 ... you know you need many runs.

The tactics I used.

1) Go the the Temple Sector.  On the way kill some Gorgon Warriors in the Heart of Atlantis if they run in your way.  But don't focus on them.  The Zorlobb Lookouts are mainly located in the upper section of the Temple Sector.  So only clear that part, ignore the lower section.

At Ashraya you can pick up 2 repeatable quests which fits perfectly for this run.  The first is the Zorlobb Hunt @ B'Ala, the second is the Caught in the Snare @ J'Ulda. Those 2 quests will give you an average of roughly 60 silver per run.

2 quests you can combined with the hunt for Zorlobb Lookouts

2) After you cleared the upper part of the Temple Sector teleport back to Ashraya and go the Suvius Vulcano.  After you cleared the part in the red circle use your horse to ride to the green circle and clear that part too.  If done, teleport back to Ashraya and start the cycle again.  The Temple Sector will then be reset.

3) In this way you will find the 9 'Indestructable Claw Spikes' from the Zorlobb Lookouts first.  Then it's time to concentrate on the Gorgon Warriors in the Heart of Atlantis.  Because this is an open area there is no 4 minute respawn time.

It's good to do this part of the quest in one (or just a few) runs.  This is why.  Go to the Heart of Atlantis and start exploring the map in a systematic way.  Running in a large circle on the outside is a good beginning.  Notice where the Gorgon Warriors are (and kill them ofcours).  Once you're in the map, the Gorgon Warriors are always in the same place.  When you leave the map and come back, they can be in other places.

After a while you know exactly where the Gorgon Warriors appear and you can make the shortest route across these mobs.  Note that the respawn time in a PvE area is much quicker.  Probable close to 1 or 2 minutes.  You will see that after 15 minutes you learn to know the map and killing the Gorgon Warriors becomes a routine.  Just ignore all other mobs if you can, they only slow you down.

It took me around 2 hours to finish this part.

4) When you got the fragments of both the Zorlobb Lookouts and the Gorgon Warriors, it's time to move to Ellonidos.  At Ellonidos you can pick up a quest at Archeologist Shauna Sherlock called "Fragments of the Past" which you can do perfectly along the other quest.

The repeatable quet at Ellonidos

To get the last fragments travel to Suvius Vulcano and kill the mobs in the green area.  Use your horse to ride to the red area and clear that too.  After that teleport to Ellonidos, cash out the repeatable quest and pick it up again.  Then travel again the the beginning of Suvius Vulcano to start over.  BUT !!  you need to wait 4 minutes for the dungeon to reset.  If you enter to early, you need to wait 4 minutes again ... so keep an eye on that watch.


pfeww, that's a long 'guide'.  But I think this is the quickest way to complete the quest for the Cloak of Enlightenment.  Next post, the Cloak of Power.

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