Tuesday, March 5, 2013

032 - Patch R092 - Warrior Groups are here

Drakensang Online Warrior Groups
Warrior Groups introduced with R092
Since R089, the infamous patch which nerved the DK to the ground, there has been much debate whether BigPoint cared about their customers or not.  With R092 released today I took a moment to look back at all the changes.  Did BigPoint listen to us or not ?? Are the dev's really stupid and do not know what they are doing ?  or what ?

No essence in PvP
It all started with the cry of F2P players to erase essence from the arena.  Many thought BP would never do that because those P2P players bought the essence with real money.  Surprise ... the power of essence was taken away by R089

PvP matchmaking
An other sour point, the way groups are made for PvP battles.  It is a fact that sometimes lower level players have to face high level ones.  R090 introduced an ELO system which will rank players based on performance and not level or something else.  We still need to see if this works properly on Drakensang Online but the intend was made, not doubt about that.

Unplayable Dragon Knights
R089 was a disaster especially for, but not only, the Dragon Knight.  Shortly said, they took away most of the healing capacities of the Dragon Knight.  Many of them could hardly survive in Parrallel World since that patch.  R091 did give a part of the taken healing capacity back.  Now, imho, I find the DK playable again.  It's not so strong anymore, but with a little care you can still tank.

My personal headache
Patch R089 introduced also a camera shake with all attacks of the DK.  That shake gave me a headache. It was so bad that I only could play in the smallest window in an attempt to control this headache. I opened a support ticket and spread my concerns through this blog and the on the forum.  Today with R092 this camera shake was toned down ... my prayers where answered !!

If I look back to all the changes made in the last month, I must say the dev's did listen to us.  Maybe they didn't changed everything we would like, but hell, would you really expect that ?
I still don't like some changes, I still don't understand some things. But I must admit I have more faith in the way the dev's changes this game after these recent updates than I had just after R089 ... ...

About the recent update.  R092 introduces 'warrior groups'.  Now you can register with 3 friends a 'warrior group' and play 3v3 against an other group.  Maybe this is the first step to ban pre-grouping in 'normal PvP.  Pre-grouping is seen at the moment as one of the most enoying facts of PvP.  How do you expect that a random group can beat a group of 3 marshals who are playing regularly together ??  Indeed ... you don't.

No hard mode bosses anymore
There is however a bug in R092.  All hard mode bosses have disappeared.  I'm afraid we have to wait for a hotfix.

No boss farming anymore ?
"Dungeons instances are now saved to the group of players entering them. This means that monsters will not respawn, if someone else from the group reenters the dungeon. You now need to wait 3-4 minutes until the monsters are back or completely disband the group and form a new group to enter the dungeon."
And a comment from a moderator on the forum : "This will not be handled as a known issue. It is an intended change in the game play."

As I read it correct, this will make boss farming more difficult if not impossible  ... ... I'm afraid I must review all I've said about the dev's ... ...:(

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