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039 - Easter Eggs - Terrifying Shadows event

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs in the event maps

Hi all,

haven't had much time last 2 weeks.  I even barely played the event.  Yet today, with Easter, I saw a post on the German forum saying there are Easter eggs hidden in the event maps.  I wanted to share that with you.

Each 'egg' is good for 10 shadows.  Until now they found 5 eggs in map1 and 4 in map2.  Maybe there are more or maybe there are some in other maps too.  If so, please leave a comment so I can update this post.

Underneath you'll see all the locations of the eggs in the event maps.

map 1 - egg 1

map 1 - egg 2

map 1 - egg 3
map 1 - egg 4

map 1 - egg 5

map 2 - egg 6

map 2 - egg 7
map 2 - egg 8

map 2 - egg 9

if you look at map 2, I'll guess there need to be one more on the far east side.

Tnx to Sper009 from the forum, the last easter egg is located.  Also good news is that the eggs are still there.  Maybe they stay there till the end of the event.

map 2 - egg 10

Some figures about the event

A few quick words about my 'road map' of the event.

-> Farming coffee beans : I farm my coffee beans in Suvius.  This gives on average 4.5 beans per run (15 min).  This also yields on average 115 ordinary light essence.

-> Solo event : As a dragon knight I find it much easier to go solo then in a group.  So I complete the event solo.

-> Map 1 : map 1 gives me between 50 and 75 shadows and around 250 ordinary light essence.  It takes around 20 minutes to complete.  Map 1 doesn't give that much shadows, but you need to do the map in order to obtain the nightshadows from the bosses so you can get the portal for map 2.

-> Quest map 1 : Don't forget to take the quest of killing 1000 monsters in map 1.  There are a little over 400 monsters thus this quest can be done in 3 turns.  This give you on average 25 / 3 = 8 extra shadows per run.

-> Map 2 : Map 2 is the hardest but I find it doable even solo, even Dragan and Sargon.  Can clean the map on my own without dying.  Normal monsters in map2 give around 165 shadows, Dragan drops 70, Sargon 250, 5 amphora give each 25 shadows, quest  2 gives 50 ->  this sums up to over 550 shadows per run.  With the 4 Easter eggs even close to 600 !

-> Quest map 2 : Don't forget to take the quest for map 2.  Killing 500 mobs gives you 100 shadows.  There are 300 monsters in the map so this quest can be done in 2 runs yielding 50 shadows per run.

-> Amphora's : You can 'buy' a key to open a amphora for 200 ordinary light essence.  Not sure if it's worth.  I opened 20 amphora so far, this is what I got :

slot 1 : minion helmet (11) / 2 coffee beans (5) / 500 ordinary light essence (4)
slot 2 : 5 shadows (20)
slot 3 : 1 draken (20)
slot 4 : 4, 5 or 6 copper (19) / scroll of wisdom (1)

-> Uniques : As said before, the uniques from Dragan and Sargon doesn't drop too much ;)   The cloak however is said to drop the most frequent.  Nevertheless, you'll need a lot of luck to get one of those.

So far my experiences.  If I have time I will make some videos on how the beat the different bosses in map 2.

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