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037 - New event - "Terryfying Shadow" - Antonia's abduction

New event : Awful Shadows

Update : just say the official announcement on the English Forum in this post

On the German Forum there is a new event announced.  Nothing is being said on the English forum yet, so I try to translate the German post.  Please forgive me if there are any translation errors.

The start and duration of events will be announced later.  But this is the story :
Sargon, the terrible is back!

Sargon puts the country in terror. He kidnapped Antonia and carried her in his castle. Forming groups (up to 5 players) with your friends and fight for her safety!

The event will be held in the Swerfield Pastures.  The entrance is on the right side of Jon Sinclair in Kingshill.  You need 10 coffee beans to enter the world.  The coffee beans are a drop from worthy monsters (or can be bought for Andermant).

Once in you must collect shadows for the event progress.  The main boss is Sargon.  But before you may atack Sargon you must first defeat his 4 generals.  Those generals drop a sort of fragment which can be exchanged at Kingshill for a entrance to Sargons castle.  Seems a little complicated to me, but maybe it works out fine once we are in.

If it was not complicated enough, to attack Sargon you need a special light essence which you also get from worthy monsters.

Drakensang Online - Event Awful Shadow
Event progress
3 different light essences
Different items of the event

The Rewards :

 If you look at the image of the event progress you can see when you get these rewards.

First 4 rewards

next 3 awards, one emote, one mount and a special gemstone
Last 4 awards, one costume, a larger gemstone, 750 scrolls of wisdom and Sargon's Shoulders.

Event Drops :

If that was not enough, there are special event drops too.

The first is a costume which can be gained in several parts.  The format is similar to the costume of the PvP event last year.

The complete custome from Sargon
The complete costume from Sargon
 Then we have also 2 emotes as a drop

The 2 emotes from a drop
A costume and emotes ... that doesn't please me.  It just get your inventory full.  But this event has also some unique items as a drop !!  This is new I think.

Drakensang Online - Cloak of Gloom
Cloak of Gloom

The first unique is a cape.  I'm not sure this cloak is better the the Cloak of Enlightenment. 3% health is around 200 lifepoints if you have 6600 lifepoints.  No pure damage, but I should calculate how 3% increased attack speed relates to x damage.  This post will help you calculate that.

And it keeps going on.  Beside the cloak, we have a complete unique set for each class !!!  The shoulders are an event reward, the head and torso can only be gained by a random drop.

Unique set for hunters

Unique set for spellweaver

Unique set for dragon knight

Shops :

Some things can be bought from the shop too.

Shop at John Sinclair

Shop at Shady John

Conclusion :

Waauuw, this looks like a main event !!  I guess it will take 10 days or even more.  There are some nice rewards too.  Although we must see if the uniques do drop and if they are worth keeping.  Not sure for that at the moment, need to look a little closer at the stats to be sure.

Anyway, event on it's way !!

again : the original post was made on the German Forum.

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