Tuesday, March 19, 2013

038 - Terrifying Shadows on testserver

Drakensang Online terrifying shadows event

Today the new event Terryfying Shadow - Antonia's Abduction went live on the testserver.  So it's possible / probable that this event starts this weekend.

There are 2 questkeepers at Kingshill, John Sunclair and Sir Hardy.  Underneath you can see their quests.  I don't know which quests are repeatable and which are not.

Drakensang online sir hardy terrifying shadows
Sir Hardys quests for the new event
Drakensang online jon sunclair terrifying shadows
Jon Sunclairs quests for the new event

At first there was a little confusion on how to enter the Swerdfield Pastures at Night.  The pouch given when logged in only contained 5 coffee beans while you need 10 to enter.  So I started farming for coffee beans because it was said that worhty monsters would drop those.  But after a while I got none.  The 'ordinairy essence of light' however did drop regularly in drop of 10.

drop of 10 Ordinairy Essence of Light

After a while I managed to get over 500 essences, but still not a single coffee bean.  Back in Kingshill it seemed there was a quest at Jon Sunclair called 'Vigilance' where you could trade 500 light essences for 10 coffee beans.

So eventually I could enter.  I'm not sure how it will be on the live servers.  Coffee beans as a drop too or only light essences which can be traded.

I made a video from the Swerdfield Pastures at Night.  It was not easy to survive because I have only a weak character on the testserver.  Besides the map is designed to go with 5 ... I was all on my own :)
Link to the video on YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9Ov0470RfY&feature

to be complete, this is the link to the previous post about the Terrifying Shwadows event

Draken :

In total there are 730 draken to be gained. 

  150 progress ->   30 draken
  740 progress ->   50 draken
1830 progress -> 100 draken
3490 progress -> 100 draken
5800 progress -> 100 draken

7800 progress -> 100 draken
9000 progress -> 250 draken

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