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011 - Achievements - 2 - Completed Lost Truth Event but ...

End reward of Lost Truth Event

Today I completed the Lost Truth Event my way.  With 'my way' I mean I did it solo and I farmed Temple Sector simultaneously.  My tactics I explained in a previous post : 010 - Tips & Tricks 2 : Lost Truth Event - Tactics.   

It took me about 30 hours to proceed to 2500 Draken, the last 500 only took 2 seconds  :|

By farming the Temple Sector as well, I gained the following during the event :
  • 80 gold
  • 3500 andermant
  • 3200 Crystals of Truth
  • 320 Ancient Knowledge Scrolls
  • 80 Health potions
  • 50 gemstones
  • 15000 blue essence (all used in killing gnome)

Completed ? Yes !  but ...

During the event Bigpoint experienced (serious ?) problems with their servers because of the increase traffic the event caused.  I copied the announcement on the English forum underneath.

Heroes of Duria,

You might notice today a large number of HOTFIXES directly after the weekend.
We just want to let you know why this was highly needed.

We did start the “Lost truth” event Friday the 25th 2013. Short after the start of the event we had a lot more users playing online as expected. Sure, we do expect higher amounts of players during the time we have an event running, but all of our forecasting was still lower than the reality.

On the first place we like to see that the event was so high frequented! But during we smiled and where happy we noticed first user reports about vanishing item and crystals not counted to your event progress.

Bam! The smile was gone and we did checked everything what was possible during the weekend to find out what is wrong.

Finally we were able to identify the problem, hardware. The high amount of users.

The main problem “why” this happened has now been fixed. And no more items should vanish from your inventory or crystals should no longer be not counted to your event progress.

And we also want to ensure for the future to not have issues like that again.

We currently think about a compensation for everyone and will let your know soon what and when this will be booked to you.
We apologies for any inconvenience during your DRO gaming experience this weekend.

On Tuesday hotfix number 4 (!!) was issued.  At the same time Bigpoint revealed the compensation for lost playing time.  And I quote again from the English forum :

Once the hotfix is done and you log in, you will see a little compensation package. This package appears to those players who took part in the event. Players who have not played, won’t get any.
Everyone of those players will get following items as compensation:
- 1500 Andermant
- 500 pure Viscanium as Eventprogress
- 50 Draken
In order to receive the rewards, you must loot or buy at least one other Viscanium. Once done, you will get the additional rewards as shown in the progress bar.
Although the compensation is generous for me (I didn't experience real problems) it leaves a sour taste behind.  I had 2496 pure viscanium when the announcement was made.  That meant I completed the event ...  ... by cheating ??  Didn't feel right.  There was no climax.  No euphoria when i found the last couple of pure viscanium.  On the other hand ... it saved me 6 hour of farming.  Can certainly use that for something else.


Rewards of the Lost Truth Event

Towards rewards this event wasn't great.  Only the 3000 Crystals of Truth and the 340 Draken can help you in the long run.  The skin, emote and horse or nice, but thye won't make you a better warrior.

Emotes, more emotes and even more emotes ... 

This is only the second event I complete and yet I have several emotes, mounts and pets in my inventory.  Inventory and locker space are one of the most precious things in Drakensang Online imho.  You are always short on those and they can only be bought with andermant, no other way to acquire them.  To make it worse, they are not really cheap.  Increasing you inventory with 7 slots costs you at least 1500 Andermant - read : 2€.  When you have more slots, it's even more expensive.

So I asked myself if I really needed those emotes ?  Do I really need 2 mounts.  Answer -> NO !  I could save inventory and locker space just by deleting all those which wont help me becoming a better warrior.  I ended up deleting 6 items, including the 2 rewards from this event.

This is another way to keep your inventory and locker space under control.  An other way can by found in 007 - Tips & Tricks 1 : Increase inventory for free.

Conclusion :

This was an easy event for me because I normally already farm a lot.  So this event was just a long intensive farming session for me.

I didn't like the rewards that much because they don't help me becoming a better warrior.  I would rather have a special gemstone or a pet (other then 5% HP) as reward.

The end of the event was a little disappointing because it came so suddenly.  Although a bummer for me, Bigpoint did gave a compenstion. 

I don't know what to think about the server problems at Bigpoint.  If it's really because of the unexpected server load because there are that many players, than there is still something good in it (more players).  But I really hope it isn't just a shortcoming of the hardware at Bigpoint.  If so, we're getting more of these memory failures in the future.

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