Monday, January 7, 2013

000 - Glowing Phoenix Egg

Hi all,

first post in a new blog.  One can wonder why a full grown man (read : older boy) makes a blog about a free online mmorpg like Drakensang Online ?

Well first of all I've always maintained some kind of blog or website about my hobby.  I like to share my thoughts and by doing that you are forced to dig a little deeper into the subject as normally.  That way you learn more and faster.

But I would lie if i said this is the only reason of setting up this blog.  Drakensang has a referral program in which you can earn some items when the friends you invite reach level 15.

In the image underneath you see that there are several rewards to be earned. The saphire and the ruby are nice, but the ultimate goal is the glowing phoenix egg.  This item will revive you if you die once per hour.

In normal gameplay this is not that important because you will always revive for free in a town.  Or in many cases you can revive in the dungeon you're in by paying 40 andermant.  But when doing end-bosses this latter options isn't available.  Meaning that if you die you will be relocated to a town (and you need to walk to whole way back to the boss) or you need to pay 120 andermant to revive at the spot. In this case the glowing phoenix egg can be a welcome friend which saves you some andermant.

Underneath 2 images.  The first one of a death in a dungeon.  The second is from a death at an end-boss.  Notice that the second option isn't available here.

edit 19/01/2013 : underneath a screenshot of the phoenix in action. I'm still looking for an image of the button in the inventory that summons the phoenix.  If anyone want to make that, just mail it to me.

Phoenix in action

So said that.  If you want to play Drankensang Online and don't mind signing up with my referral code you can use the following link :


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