Saturday, January 19, 2013

008 - The end of gorga normal farming ?

After release 086 Gorga normal disappeared.

An empty sea after R086

 Many were upset because gorga normal  was a good place to farm for gemstones and unique level 40 gear. Very quick Bigpoint communicated that gorga normal wasn't meant to disappear and would be back online asap.  A little later a hotfix for R086 came out which brought gorga normal back.

One can think that things or back to normal now.  But allow me to doubt that for 2 reasons.

First.  An admin on the English forum, in the thread gorga normal is missing, said the following, and i quote :
As a level 39 monster, Gorga will continue to have the same chance as any other monster in the correct level range for unique world drops.
This would mean gorga normal wouldn't drop any level 40 uniques anymore.  However gorga still showed 'level 40' on screen and the admin stated that is comment was a human error and gorga nomal would still be level 40 including unique drops.  But still ... ...

Secondly.  I keep records of all drops I get. (you'll see that within a few posts ;) ).  Since the patch I had 2 drops of 10 Crystals of Truth in 35 runs.  Although this is good, I never had them before.  So something DID change.  Maybe they just added CoT to the drops.  But if they did that, they could very well erased the drop rate for uniques too ...

We can soon know this if someone who has a level 40 unique drop at gorga normal AFTER R086 reports this.  So if anyone had a level 40 unique drop at gorga after R086, please post a comment here ;)

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  1. Hi, I personally have been farming Gorga normal lately, 500 kills, where I dropped a gem every 10 kills appx., most of which were flawed, quite a few were splintered, several were simple, and 1 or 2 were lvl 4. So I´d say Gorga is very good for farming gems, never dropped similar amount of gems anywhere else.

    At the same time though, I´ve dropped no uniques whatsoever, but I´ve read on the wiki that people have been dropping some uniques there, but whether the drop rate is better than from regular mobs, is unclear.

    Over the 500 kills, I also dropped about 500 improved items, about 150 magic items, about 35 extraordinary items, and 1 legendary item.

    I would really like to have a friend who knows all the dark secrets of DSO, especially drop rate, so if you still play, I´d like you to add me on FB :) The name is Radek Jaša.