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006 - Beginners Guide : Tip 3 - Do your daily quest

Drakensang Daily Quest
Daily Quest

Besides logging in daily there one other thing you should (read : can) do every day.  When you log in you can choose a daily quest to do.  One quest will have a reward of 250 scrolls of wisdom.  It's important to do this quest daily.  Why ?

There are only 2 ways to gain scrolls of wisdom.  1 are in game drops, but they come in packages of 1 scroll only.  The second one is this daily quest which rewards you with 250 scrolls.  So actually this is the only way the get up on the talent tree 'knowledge' in a reasonable way.

Drakenssang Talent Tree
Talent Tree

That talent tree has a few very nice talents to employ such as :
  1. Teleportation : you can teleport yourself to the last urban area you visited.  In that way you don't have to walk back if you have done a quest or so.
  2. The Vault : Gives you the ability to store items away from your normal inventory.  Actually it's just extra space.
  3. The Seventh Path.  Now you can use a 7° skill in combat instead of 6.
  4. Horse Riding.  Gives you the ability to use a horse.
  5. Cloak of Power.  Gives you the ability to wear a cape.  Capes give you extra damage, life and armor.
edit : a good description of the knowledge tree can be found on the forum of DSO.
Like you see, each of these talent are nice to have.  So besides your daily log in, do that quest, it doesn't take long in most cases and you will profit from it greatly.

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