Wednesday, January 9, 2013

003 - Beginners Guide : Tip 1 - Choose your character wise

 Contents :
  1. Choosing a class
  2. Making multiple characters
  3. Select a server
  4. Choosing a name 

1) Choosing a class

The first thing you need to do to when you start playing Drakensang Online is choosing a character.  For the moment there  are 3 classes to choose from :

a) The Dragon Knight 
See description, role, pros and cons on Drakensang Online Wike here describes the dragon knight class as follows : 
"Armed with an assortment of heavy artillery these knights are ready for war. This class of fearless warriors has incredible strength. They drink the blood of magical dragons for an edge on the battlegrounds. Rage and sheer skill is their secret to victory."

The Dragon Knight

b) The Ranger 
See description, role, pros and cons on Drakensang Online Wiki here

about rangers says : 
Rangers are not only outstanding archers, but are also apt at melee. Their style is characterized by dynamics, as they stay constantly in motion. They choose their targets from afar, first weakening them with arrows and then striking them down in close combat with their blade bow.

The Ranger

c) The Spellweaver 
See description, role, pros and cons on Drakensang Online Wiki here

Finally the spellweaver is describes on as follows :
These mages tap into the elements and their own spiritual powers to destroy opponents. They have high levels of intellect which aids them in mastering some of the most difficult spells that have been passed down through the centuries. Manna and various enchantments make Spellweavers worthy rivals or allies.

The Spellweaver

Mid 2013 a 4th class, a dwarf, will be added.

The Dwarf

But for now, 3 classes to choose from, each with their own capabilities. In short you could describe the classes as follows :

Class comparison

Which class you choose will have a great influence how you can  / must play Drakensang Online.  To make it even more important, if you want to play with an other class you have to start back from level 1.  You can't level up a dragon knight to level x and then switch to a ranger with that same level. 

 2) Making multiple characters

But you can make several characters in the same account.  Maybe it's a good idea to make from each class one character.  Then play a few days with each character and choose which one suits you the best.  Keep in mind that you have to deal with your characters pros and cons for the rest of your Drakensang life!

Making extra characters

3) Select a server

Somewhere a long the process (i seem to forgotten when :) ) you need to choose a server.  There are several servers to choose from.  You can join any server but again this has great consequences for your future life in Drakensang, the free online mmorpg.  Once your character is on a certain server, you can't switch to an other server!!

server selection

4) Choose a name

Finally a word about your screen name.

Later in the game you will be playing a lot in groups.  To become part of a group another player must invite you. Therefore he must often 'search' for you be typing your name into a search field.  Keep in mind that if you're using strange characters it can be difficult for others to find you.

Underneath a screenshot of such an 'invite screen'.   The first player on that screen calls 'BØllefrØ' but with the Ø in small letter.  Well it would be impossible for me to search for that player.  I can't type a small ' Ø ' because it's not on my keyboard.  Even to type the capital Ø I had to look it up in a list for special ALT characters.

In my opinion it would be wise for this player to change his name in just 'Bollefro'.


  1. the small ø is "ALT 155" and probably he chosed that name because "Bollefro" alredy exists xD. Anyway, except for this page, gz for the good DSO site