Thursday, January 10, 2013

004 - Beginners Guide : Tip 2 - Login daily

1) many smalls make one ...

One of the things that will greatly help you in the long run is to log in on a daily basis.  Why ?

Doing so you will get a daily log in bonus.  One of them is a surprise chest, which is actually not that important. I think you can actually sell everything which pops up from those chests.  Also the extra rewards on day 2 (health potion), day 3 (250 blue essence) and day 4 (a bomb) aren't great either.

BUT from day 5 and afterwards you'll also receive a sack with one gemstone inside.  It will be a low level gem, mostly of flawed of splintered quality.  But when you log in daily those small gems start adding up.

You can combine the smaller gems at the jeweller.  81 gems of the lowest quality make 1 polished gems with a value of 6400 andermant.  That's worth a daily log in in my opinion.

drakensang daily login bonus
Daily Log in Bonus
drakensang combining gemstones
Combining gemstones

 2) Jewel of insight

On the 5the day your gem will be the "jewel of insight".  Don't throw that away like i did, you will never be able to regain it.  This gem, when used in a slot, will increase your gained experience points by 5%.  Meaning that you will level up a little bit quicker than normal.

drakensang jewel of insight
Jewel of insight

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