Wednesday, August 28, 2013

042 - Calculating your characters strength

On request :

A character has a defensive strength and an offensive strength.

Defensive :  How many hitpoints can it take before it dies.

Offensive : How many damage can it do per second.

I've made an excel file where you can calculate both.  This makes it possible to compare different setups.

You can download the file at :
or at

Perrush - on heredur -


  1. the second tab on each file should contain a formula for dmg/s

  2. the links doesnt work:(

  3. This is great considering that most players wanted to know their exact strength, but this feature should be included in the game. Drakensang is a great
    MMOG but it has a lot of flaws, including the botters in the game. Well, you can't prevent that from happening but increasing the security is a must.

  4. i want this file
    dont get this time